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The Beauty of Wedding Fairs

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Wedding fairs are the perfect opportunity to meet and support small businesses within the wedding industry. They are designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for to make your dream wedding a reality. The main advantage of these events is having a variety of suppliers from the industry in one place at a time, saving you time in the planning process.

People often find wedding fairs helpful as it is a way to make direct contact with suppliers - getting to meet the people behind the business, booking an appointment, or simply taking some information away with you. It can also give you a better insight into their business rather than a chain of emails. Having the opportunity to meet the people that run these businesses will also give you an idea of what kind of people they are as it is important to know who else will be attending your wedding such as photographers, musicians, etc.

Where can I find Wedding Fairs? How much do they cost to attend?

Wedding fairs happen all over the UK at all times of the year and the best place to look for them is wedding venues. Wedding venues generally put on a really good wedding fair as they want to show off their buildings. These wedding fairs are 90% of the time free to attend too and are generally showcasing local suppliers giving you the option to support small businesses.

There are also dedicated wedding fair companies that put on bigger showcases with more suppliers and more services. These are also free to attend too and are also more often. Generally, you will find these wedding fairs from September through June. One wedding fair company I would recommend to anyone would be Art Of Weddings. These wedding fairs are run by an amazing woman, Jules, who can really make the day an experience to remember. The AOW fairs are also free to attend too and you also get given a goody bag filled with useful things to do with your wedding. You also have the option to book a VIP ticket where you will receive a glass of bubbly, a VIP goody bag, and access to the VIP lounge where you can receive more advice on planning your perfect day. Oh, you will also get the latest edition of the Wed Magazine! The AOW fairs are generally based in Devon and Cornwall and are arguably the best and most consistent. If you have read the "About O.M.L Jewels" Blog, you will know the close working relationship O.M.L Jewels has with AOW.

Down below I will list all the wedding fairs and dates that O.M.L Jewels will attend and if you are planning a wedding, I would highly recommend attending one!

17th September ~ Moorland Hotel - Haytor, Dartmoor

8th October ~ The Imperial Hotel ~ Torquay, Devon

14th October ~ AOW ~ Royal Cornwall Showground

15th October ~ Passage House Hotel

22nd October ~ St. Mellion Estate

28th October ~ Torbay Party Barn

29th October ~ The Osborne Hotel

5th November ~ South Somerset Wedding Show ~ Westlands Conference Centre

12th November ~ AOW ~ Sandy Park, Exeter

26th November ~ AOW ~ Royal Cornwall Pavilion

14th January ~ AOW ~ Royal Cornwall Showground

18th February ~ AOW ~ Sandy Park, Exeter

13th April ~ AOW ~ Royal Cornwall Showground

19th May ~ AOW ~ Sandy Park, Exeter

14th July ~ AOW ~ Royal Cornwall Showground

12th October ~ AOW ~ Royal Cornwall Showground

1st December ~ AOW ~ Royal Cornwall Showground

Keep an eye out for more dates to be added!

(AOW = Art Of Weddings)

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