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One year with O.M.L Jewels

As of the 1st of November 2023, it has been a year since O.M.L Jewels opened our studio for you to pick and create your perfect piece of jewellery! Whether you saw bespoke wedding rings, chains, pendants, or bangles, we had it for you. I want to start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who supported O.M.L Jewels over this past year!

We have seen brides and grooms select their dream wedding rings, people pick the perfect gift for their significant other, and people choose to treat themselves to some luxury jewellery. To us, it is very important that everyone feels satisfied with what they walk out the door with, and we feel like we have achieved that.

When we opened the studio, Oliver was working a full-time job as a car salesman but couldn't help but follow his dream which was to fill the gap in the jewellery market by helping you receive exceptional service when it comes to purchasing something so sentimental that you can keep forever and a day. In February of 2023, Oliver decided to go full-time into his passion and with the help of friends and family, he made it happen. Charlotte has been a massive part of O.M.L Jewels, when you see the display tables at the wedding fairs, that was Charlotte! Charlotte has also been a massive help with our social media over the last year and keeping you up to date on what happening (realistically she is the brains behind anything that involves media).

During the year, we have met some amazing people that we work with. Here are some honorable mentions:

  • Claire at Sharif Mirzad

  • Sharif at Sharif Mirzad

  • Jules and Martin at Art Of Weddings

  • Haidee at The Osborne Hotel

  • Philippa at Dreamday Decor

What's next for O.M.L Jewels?

There is so much for us to work for at O.M.L Jewels. Currently, our workshop is in a different location to our studio and we would like to find somewhere big enough to merge the two together. Whether this be a shop on the high street where you can walk in and browse some stunning jewellery and be able to watch Oliver make jewellery.

We also want to come up with some more unique jewellery designs to show on our website, social media, and wedding fairs. Our aim is to be the number one recommended wedding ring specialist in the south of England, we will get there!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and a massive thank you for supporting us at O.M.L Jewels!

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